SEEDCHAIN is experimental software and these docs may get out of date quickly. Please join the Discord server for up to date information and support.


Seedchain is an experimental web3 platform for creating and trading climate positive NFTs.

NFTs and other crypto platforms can integrate Seedchain into new or existing contracts to plant real trees or retire carbon offsets and receive impact tokens in exchange, which can be airdropped to their users.

Most significantly, Seedchain allows web3 creators and developers to place impact at the core of their transactions, creating an entirely new model for funding the world's most pressing problems.


  • 🌲 Purchase: Mint impact as a one-off transaction
  • 📊 Analyze: Review the estimated CO2 emissions from your pre-merge transactions
  • 👾 Integrate: Use our contract API or use a no-code Impact Router to contribute as part of your transactions

Examples use cases

  • Offset the CO2 emissions of your collection's pre-merge transactions
  • Contribute a percentage of secondary sales to planting trees
  • Create a piece of dynamic artwork that changes based on its impact
  • Contribute part of a transaction

For more examples, read Ethereum: Going carbon neutral.

How is Seedchain different from other solutions?

Seedchain focuses on dynamic, compounding impact that is baked into transactions rather than one-off contributions. Although we do support one-off contributions, our focus is in creating impact over the long-term through deep integrations with web3 projects.